Q: What is this?
A: It will be a book and guide of the art at PorcFest. The content is submitted by the artists.

Q: Why?
A: The purpose is to promote art at PorcFest, without centralizing it in the hands of FSPorg.

Q: For a book of art, it looks pretty bad...
A: The person who made the art / book is not an artist. But hopefully, people will submit covers, art, and other design suggestions.

Q: How do I download the book?
A: To download a book, click the cover.

Q: I already downloaded the book. Why am I here again?
A: The books are automatically generated sometime after new content is submitted. The current version was last compiled at Tue Mar 21 14:42:36 PDT 2023.

Q: OMG, I saw something that offends my delicate sensibilities!
A: Art may not be safe for work! Not all families have the same morals. Parents should review content.

Q: How can I submit art for the book?
A: Click here.

Q: I want to speak to the manager!!!
A: Questions and comments to jeff@yunes.us